They includes all our first creations and our last and most elaborated textiles.
In this area you can see all our themes and treatmens applied to our standard product: a 1.20m x 1.60m denim fabric. The size of the panel can only be extended by width (beyond 1.20m). The tallness instead, 1.60m, has to stay constant due to denim roll size limitations. These textiles have been used by themselves as tapestries and paintings. Many artisans and companies have otherwise used them to make new products. These textiles are indeed extremely versatile in scope.

Size: 120x160 / 47 inch x 63 inch
Weight for Classics and Aurum categories: 750g / 1.7 lbs
Weight for Luxury and Antiques categories: 1.2kg / 2.5 lbs

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